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Your wellness really does matter

Are you struggling with lockdown, isolation, online learning, trying to work from home while also supervising the children? 

​Maybe you are juggling a million things every day, and trying to maintain a balanced and healthy life?

It’s a challenge, however by releasing freeing yourself from unconscious, limiting beliefs you can soon create a new normal.

Join our 12-week, Self-Care Coaching program with LIVE Coaching sessions every two-weeks.


Perhaps you are struggling yet cannot put a name to why you feel this way because its a combination of everything!

Did you know, COVID-19 has been a household name since 25 January 2020 when Victoria identified their first case?

Does this explain why you are feeling burn-out, COVID fatigued?

It's totally okay to feel this way, as long it doesn't hang around for too long. It's expected, our lives have changed and so have we! 

In this 3-month program, we will help you understand the true value of self-care, which can lead to;

  • more patience and quality time with yourself and others

  • the ability to identify your stress and anxiety triggers, and then manage them

  • be more confident being you

  • a self care plan made to fit you!

Self-care isn’t weekly massages, foot scrubs or going to the gym —although these are great for you, self-care is part of you. You need not feel guilty for taking time for you, it's your responsibilities to present a better you by being true to who you. You do not need to live your life around others, life is about have a choice to fill your cup and care for you. A better version of you for your loved ones. 

A self-care can change all aspects of your life; family connections, relationships, career and financial aspirations - allowing you to become brighter, healthier, more productive and positive.

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Registration opens Tuesday evening 31 August 2021 and Enrolment opens for 2 weeks late September.

Class starts in October 2021

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