Women’s Weekend Retreat

Friday 30 July – Sunday 1 August 2021

Mother and Daughter
Three generations of women
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Waterside Women

Are you feeling lost or are looking for something more to life?

Commitment to your own well-being! Laugh, learn, connect, and relax, to the beat of your drum.  Deepen your intuitive connection, release blocks and old patterns, join a nurturing, safe and fun environment where you can rediscover your spark, mentally and physically, clear-out your monkey mind, and reset yourself!

Do you want to bring more abundance into your life and have fun doing it?

Learn and practice simple techniques to manifest a life by design. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change. You’ll can experience life as abundant and filled with limitless possibilities.

Are you wanting to reconnect or achieve a deeper spiritual connection?

Join our high vibrational weekend filled with beautiful women. Restore your inner peace, be your thoughts, enjoy inner connection, and learn Spiritual techniques to take home.


Are you always putting the needs of others before your own?

Happy Friends

Empowerment can begin with a simple conversation……

Are you seeking the company of like-minded woman seeking time out, relaxation and renewal in a safe, luxurious space filled with love and inclusion?

Enhance your self-esteem, laugh out loud, relax or keep busy, make new friendships, or revive new ones as we take part in a soulful journey together.

With the fate of international travel still unknown, you cannot keep putting off ‘YOU’ time, the good news is, our Women’s Retreat is waiting to kickstart or enhance your very own wellness journey

Join this heart opening experience with other amazing women—stop making excuses, we have payment options are available!

‘I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.’- Louise Hay

If you answered ‘Yes’ to two or more questions above, you most likely need our retreat, whatever your reasons, join us and drench your soul in a weekend of purpose, clarity, discover a deeper you, relax, energise and level-up, reconnect with the authentic you!

Picture yourself in a beautiful location by the sea, sharing a safe, energetic nurturing space, where you are immersed in inspiration, passion, joy, and gratitude. Imagine YOU, immersed deep in your own inner knowingness, releasing the limiting beliefs and images that you have gathered from the past as you are cracking open the unique you, it’s also an opportunity to embrace your creative juices.

You leave feeling reset, reconnected and ready to rise after a weekend of self-discovery, love and acceptance because you are perfect just the way you are’. 

Face Massage


Join our life-changing, group immersions, experience spiritual activations to energetically clear, motivate, and recharge your soul...Sound baths to rapidly release stress, anxiety, frustrations and enjoy self-healing experiences. Learn easy tools and techniques for achieving holistic wellbeing, while discovering how to align and attune to your physical and spiritual worlds of manifestation.

Enjoy morning yoga, meditation, spiritual connection, and journaling as you strengthen and create friendships to reset and nourish your Soul to enhance your journey of self-discovery. Close your mind and release old ends, open your heart to embrace new beginnings, be honest to your ‘inner soul’. Let joy shine for the little things in life and make you a higher priority, letting go of the things that are not working so well.

Women in Jewelry Workshop

Wellness for your mind, body, and soul.

Our signature retreats provide soul care, deep connection to your inner love, and peace. 

​‘The fastest way to get a new-and-improved situation is to make peace with your current situation.’ ~Esther Hicks

RESET your thinking, reconnect to your authentic self, and RISE within!

Relaxing with Music

On Arrival,

unpack and unwind in your beautifully appointed a book, listen to music, go shopping or

spoil yourself with your pre-booked massage..


Embrace the spectacular views

and immerse in mother natures beauty of the changing tides and glorious sunsets.

Settle into your room, relax, and prepare for a rejuvenating weekend filled with relaxation, spiritual connection and a powerful union of energies, soul presence and inner beingness!

Chill in our beautiful retreat space, with the breathtaking water views of the Clyde River and Tollgate Islands. As the Retreat begins, you grab refreshments and meet the other beautiful ladies…when it is time, you take your place in circle and join the opening ceremony.

After the welcome, you can mingle with friends, grab and early night or do sweet nothings…

Start your day, set your intention, enjoy a continental breakfast from 6:30 am, yoga (or chair yoga) and a walk to get you moving or grab some more free time. Set your daily intentions through meditation and journaling, or whatever order you choose, your retreat, your choice. Go for a walk or enjoy the company of others before you are captivated by your awesome morning session.

Time flies when you are having fun, with music in your heart and a rested Soul. Before you know it, you will be enjoying a healthy lunch and more free time. Go for a walk, wander the shops, read a book, lie down or secure a 1:1 session or massage, whatever suits….hang around, take a break, or enjoy the views of the ocean’s beautiful blue water and sultry winter breezes.

As we gather for the afternoon session, you will learn to enhance your manifestation skills, receive messages from Spirit, embrace your own intuition. Again, we gather as a group for the evening feast, we will enjoy a closing meditation and you can take more ‘you time’. Pop to the local bar for a drink, laughs and music, do your own thing or just go to your room.

Gift yourself, take this time out to nurture your Soul, enjoy divine intervention with our amazing, self-empowerment experiences. 

Next day you do some of it again, breakfast, yoga, then it is time to check out, enjoy the last session and closing ceremony, enjoy your last yummy meal for the weekend, as you say goodbye and prepare to head home…

I’m not missing out, book me in!

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We bring together small groups of women, and they to align their mind, body, and soul.

At Retreat you can connect with your deepest desires for peace, transformation, fulfilment, and abundance. At times, our biggest fear of growth can be seen as challenge…. take this time for you to change to your newness…go on embrace it!

This weekend provides a space for beautiful experiences which can light-up your creative soul, reconnect you to your inner knowingness and shine your light bright well after you return home!

We offer plenty of opportunities to learn, grow, connect, or relax. This retreat is about YOU, design it to suit you. You can attend some or all the activities. Our beautiful accommodation is a haven for solace and is in the heart of Batemans Bay, where you have access to shops, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants, all within short walking distances.


♡ What can you do at RETREAT?

Retreat invites you to step away from your everyday life and place yourself in a safe, nurturing environment with like-minded souls where you can open yourself to new ideas, spiritual and self-empowerment ways.

Step into a beautiful, waterfront venue and take in the views and sunsets, allow yourself to slow down, discover friendships, or meet your new soul sisters. You may even find answers to questions you have been pondering for months or maybe years—return home, energized, refreshed and recharged!

  • Experience our powerful, safe, and sacred opening and closing ceremonies, women’s circle and morning and afternoon sessions…

  • Get moving with morning yoga, meditation, easy walks around the esplanade, or even tap into your creative flow and create a vision board…

  • Learn new self-empowerment strategies, enjoy conversations with like-minded women, and explore your inner joy….

  • Enjoy an evening out or just stay in, it is up to you!

  • FREE time to unplug, relax,  and soak up the beautiful winter sun rise and sunsets.

  • Enjoy 'extra' sessions at your own cost; 1:1 session, massage, facial, manicure, pedicure - however you like to spoil you - Do it your way!

  • If you are not sure, ASK!

  • So much more!

NOTE: Extra sessions are at your own cost. These include, massage, 1:1 session, facial, manicure, pedicure, etc. It is your responsibility to book and pay separate to your Retreat costs. Need more information, just ask.

Book me a room now!

Women Holding Hands


New friends and old

Retreat invites you to step away from your everyday life and place yourself in a safe, nurturing environment with like-minded souls where you can open yourself to new ideas, spiritual and self-empowerment ways.


♡ Why come to RETREAT?

You are guided on a journey of self-discovery, growth and healing at our women’s retreat regardless of your faith or religious background. Intuitive Souls is a non-religious and non-denominational business. We operate on the universal principle of oneness, Spirit (Source) is love, and we all have our own answers within.

We offer you a safe and welcoming place where you will be loved and accepted completely for who you are. Go within, listen to your heart, and release your fear. At Intuitive Souls Retreats, you will meet new female friends, experience memorable, fun experiences, and leave with a renewed sense of self-worth and meaning.

After Yoga

Our Retreats are an investment in you, no judgement, just nurturing..

Why not connect to your inner knowingness, relax, meet new friends, and have FUN along the way…

You’ll enjoy a variety of spiritual, creative and practical mindset activities, keeping you moving, laughing, inspired, connected and safe.

We genuinely care about YOU and everything we do comes from the heart. We pride ourselves on our value and integrity, connecting person-to-person, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul.

  • You’ll meet lifetime and amazing friends!

  • ou can also consider yourself part of our fabulous Intuitive Souls Family…


♡ What’s Included and What’s Not?

What’s included

  • 2 nights in waterfront, luxury accommodation, with your choice of rooms. (Rooms with a view are at a higher cost and are limited, there are also limited share options)

  • 3 x Sessions – Saturday morning, afternoon, and Sunday morning

  • Daily guided yoga and meditation sessions 9:00 am – 10:00 am

  • 6 x meals and snacks are included in the price. (we always aim to cater for most dietary requirements, inquire to discuss your needs as we do not take responsibility if you don’t)

  • All scheduled activities and retreat material

  • Everyone is at different Soul levels and all sessions are paced to suit individual needs. 

  • Payment options available, contact us to discuss your needs

  • On-site parking

Woman with Stacked Rings
women discussion group
Female Friends
Support Groups

What’s NOT included

  • Your travel costs from your home, and/or transportation around Batemans Bay including retreat/trip cancellation expenses

  • Extra nights’ accommodation—discuss your extra needs with us and the venue

  • Any purchases made by participants, shopping, coffees, food, oracle cards, etc.

  • You are responsible for all extra services outside the retreat schedule, such as 1;1 session, massages, facial, manicure, pedicure or however you choose. 1:1 session and massage must be prebooked and prepaid. You are responsible for booking and payment of all other activities

  • Food or refreshments not part of the Retreat menu or not considered part of the retreat package.

Three Women


Bonus Sessions

  • Chakra balancing session

  • 1:1 session 40 minute session with Sharon before or after the Retreat

Freshly Picked Food

♡ Food 

We happily aim to accommodate all dietary requirements, noting it is your responsibility to discuss with us early. We offer 1 x meal Friday evening, 3 x meals Saturday and 2 x meals Sunday, all with refreshments. Snacks will be available throughout the days. The food being offered is wholesome, fresh, and mostly healthy options, and where possible, sourced locally—there will be enough to fill any hungry belly. You are welcome to bring your own alcohol.

Fruit and Cheese Platter

♡ Your Room

Your accommodation provides first class service by the team. We offer several 2-bedroom apartments or motel style rooms; all are beautifully appointed. The simple, yet elegant, chic, and casual luxury ensures you feel pampered, with the superior white linens, and up to the minute technology.

It is so close to everything in the Bay—shopping, great walking tracks and amazing beaches…. with first class service by the team.

♡ Retreat Prices include 2 nights’ accommodation, all scheduled retreat activities (yoga, meditations, morning, and afternoon sessions), scheduled meals refreshments, and snacks.

Rooms are selling fast, see below for available rooms.

There limited shared room options available unless sharing a bed—contact us today to discuss your needs or secure your space.

Motel Room

SOLD—Waterfront—King $1195 pp—two nights—private garden

SOLD—Waterfront First floor—King suite $1195 pp—two nights—Balcony 

SOLD—Waterfront Ground floor—King suite $1195 pp—two nights—Balcony 

SOLD—Non-waterfront—Queen room—$1135 pp—two nights

SOLD - Non-waterfront—Queen room—$1135 pp—two nights

2 Bedroom Apartments

SOLD—Penthouse—King waterfront $1185 per person (pp)—two nights—separate large bedroom—shared apartment/bathroom – amazing views and space

SOLD—Penthouse—Queen non-waterfront $1135 pp—two nights—separate bedroom—large, shared apartment/bathroom 

SOLD Loft—King waterfront $1185 pp—two nights—separate large bedroom—shared apartment/separate shower and large bathroom 

SOLD - Loft—Queen non—waterfront $1135 pp—two nights—separate bedroom—shared apartment/ separate shower and large bathroom

SOLD—Warehouse—King waterfront $1185 pp—two nights— separate bedroom—shared apartment/ separate shower and large bathroom 
SOLD—Warehouse—Queen non—waterfront $1135 pp—two nights— separate bedroom—shared apartment/ separate shower and large bathroom 

Please note: Both venues are Non-smoking venues. Smoking areas are available on the boardwalk. Upstairs rooms are accessible by stairs only. Non waterfront rooms face the carpark.

Text Body

White Daffodils

♡ Things to bring

Start with an open heart

• Comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and shoes

• Your personal belongings and intimates,

Perhaps your favourite bottle of wine or beverage

Yoga mat

Magazines if you want to create a vision board in your free time (discuss on booking)

That book you have been wanting to read

Any other personal items you want to bring…. Your retreat, your choice!

Register your space today, embrace your power, and discover infinite possibilities, all whilst enjoying a soul renewal. We will support you throughout the weekend as you explore your own intuition, plant the seeds of change and manifestation, learn the tools to create your life by design, the life you deserve—embrace you, be your authentic self again!


I attended a weekend retreat with Sharon from Intuitive Souls. It was one of the best things I have ever done. Everything was perfect, from the accommodation, food and all the different activities that we did. I have now come home with a new awareness and try every day to implement the things that I learnt while I was on retreat. I can’t wait to meet with Sharon again!!!

~ Kate Lewis Smith Parkes NSW


♡  Retreat Organiser

Sharon Schmidt - Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Medium, Coach, Counsellor and Mentor.

She is a voice for Spirit

Sharon speaks from the heart and her soul. She is the director of the esoteric business Intuitive Souls, offering one-on-one, group, private, corporate and public sessions, workshops, retreats, face-to-face and online services. 

Sharon incorporates her lived experience into her work and combines it with her journey of ever learning creating safe, fun, practical and uplifting workshops and events. She is a very good listener, open-minded, friendly, and engaging. She takes responsibility for creating her own life and walks with you to create your individual map through the use of tools, guidance and support. 

Sharon is a certified and licensed HYL® Workshop Leader, Teens Facilitator and Coach, authorised by Hay House, Inc., and approved by Louise Hay and is an accredited meditation teacher and holistic counsellor, Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development (Cert.Med.Hol.Couns), Timeline Therapy, Positive Psychology, NLP Practitioner, Coach and Medium. She is a proud member of International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

She provides services through 1:1 consultations, retreats, group training and workshops – all face to face and online.

Sharon’s passion is working with others who are curious, about to start or are already exploring their own spiritual journey. Her work allows her to share lessons learned, and she always notes we all have our own needs and responses. Working with others allows her to guide them to engage their own, unique, loving self-help techniques which can result in positive thought, happiness and inner peace.

Her sessions include; energy clearing, meditation, spiritual development, and self-empowerment—in a simple, safe, practical and fun way where she creates a nurturing, relaxed, and respectful space, whilst always ensuring participants have fun!
Sharing her blessings and tools so you can build your own independent world—balance, peace, and happiness, while reconnecting and exploring your ever evolving self!