Faith in a unpredictable world!

Now more than ever, we need to hold our faith, however it looks.

Why you ask? All I can say is that faith has gotten me through some tough times, I would hate to think where I would be without it. I don't mean going to church or being part of a religious group, but if that works for you,

Many people say to me, it's easy to keep the faith in good times but what about these tough times, how do I stay focused? For me it’s about balance, staying grounded, taking a check ion my actions and reactions, my thoughts and my choices! Faith is not about being tested, it's about staying connected to whatever your faith is.....when was the last time you did a check in on our faith?

My example wellness practice consists of meditations, affirmations, journaling and sitting holding space—just being. By incorporating this and self-love into my everyday life, I manage to stay grounded in all areas of my energy field, and aim to balance my body, mind, and spirit.

How do you connect to the Universe?

Try this out, pop on some relaxing music, no it does not have to be meditations music, it just has to be something you like, grab a pen, paper and an open mind.

Sit quietly, and ask yourself a few questions, here are some examples.

  1. Do I have a strong sense of belonging? Why, or why not?

  2. Do I feel solid and strong, in my sense of self?

  3. What would you do differently is you had no worries in life?

Once you answer these questions, grab a highlighter pen, and highlight whatever inspires you or excited you.

Now turn some of these into simple statements (we call them affirmations). Make these your won and transfer your new affirmations to some paper and hang somewhere you can read it often or put in your phone as a reminder to read throughout the day.

Do this for at least six weeks, let us know if you feel it changing your life…..a great example of faith by trusting this will start to change your thoughts, then your life!

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