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Sharon Schmidt Tue 08 Oct 'The Shaker'

When I first started connecting with my clients and their loved ones in the Spirit World, use of the internet was very new. Now, these tools are crucial to my business. My work can be done from anywhere with a connection, 85% of my 1:1 clients are over the phone, by video or via an internet connection or from beautiful locations for my workshops and retreats. And with all this, I find my life is a revolving door, I bring my lived experience from my past into my workshops, retreats and 1:1 sessions, and take those experiences into my future. 

Our world is more connected than ever, yet many of us are feeling disconnected, looking for more. This is how I felt, and why I created Intuitive Souls, empowering others through intuition, empathy, kindness, fun and hugs. For me, community is key, which is why I am busy building a network of Souls who can come together and feel safe in a loving, fun space where we can share, connect and be true to ourselves….sounds like bliss, it is, I call it success with opportunity. 

We talk about success being a great car, home, financial bliss, (all great, I love these things too), yet, we live in a world where mental health is almost our biggest health concern, we judge each other by our qualifications instead of our kindness, we say we are highly educated, yet we are living and working in judgemental, toxic environments. We are working harder, longer and our devices are our best communicators. Does this sound like you? Well this was me, and I needed to change, for my health, my family, and most importantly for my Soul, so three years ago I did. I left a very secure, high paying position thinking I thought I had a very clear direction ahead. I did until I walked away, it was then I felt frightened, lost, lonely, not knowing who I really was. My corporate role had become my identity, that was now gone, who was I? Yep, I was a mum and wife, daughter, sister and friend, all precious, but I had always been taught I had to be so much more! 

With this need to get to know the real me, I reached deep inside and connected to my inner knowingness in the hope of truly embracing my authentic-self. This is a journey, it has taken me almost three years to realise all those emotions I had felt after leaving my job, were not from leaving, they were always there, I just hadn’t allowed myself to recognise them.

This happens when you are not true-to-yourself, it’s different for each of us. I now allow myself time to reconnect with my Soul, embrace my new journey as an alternative Wellness Practitioner, I am embracing new skills, allowing myself to shine!Success for me now is about caring for me first, in a way where I am happy with myself, and happy with my life. Over the last three years, I have searched my Soul, re-training myself in many modalities and am building my business around bringing like-minded people together to provide a nurturing, loving space where we can all feel better connected. 

I walk the talk for my clients; I know I am enough, I look in the mirror and love who I see, I rarely pick out my faults, I embrace them as part of my journey and most importantly, I take full responsibility for creating my own life. I embrace gratitude and appreciation, I focus on what’s great in my life and take the energy away from what’s not. For the first time in my life, I accept I am an ever evolving project. I am grateful for where I have been, and where I will go.

How to experience a good Psychic Medium session

Trust and environment is key, as is the readers intention. I only ever work in the light. The connection between the reader and the client should be strong, resulting in clear messages, and a sense of peace. Providing a safe, comfortable, caring, empowering space as appreciation for the clients trust is paramount.

Clearing your space before the session with Smudging, (an ancient ritual which uses smoke from sacred herbs to cleanse and purify), crystals, clearing sprays and good intention. Both parties should trust the person you are working with and feel relaxed and safe, allowing the energy to flow from Spirit through Spirit to Spirit much easier. If you are not aligning within 10-15 mins, consider stopping the session until the energy between you both akin. No two psychic medium/s or the sessions are alike, the reader will bring their own personality to the session, they are as unique as a thumbprint.

When it comes to connecting with the Spirit World, things can get pretty confusing, because we all have different beliefs, intuitive abilities and our vibrational frequency are very different. Having a session with a Psychic Medium does not always mean you are going to get the answers you want, Spirits have a very interesting way of getting their message across before you get your answers.    


What are Spiritual connections and signs

You have probably heard people refer to guardian angels, archangels, spirit guides, ascended masters, deceased loved ones, elemental spirits and other names (apologies to those I have missed), but I refer to these higher beings - my ‘Collective’. This is a combination of whoever I need to guide me at the time I need it, whether it be for a client or assisting me on my authentic path, allowing me the free will to be my authentic self and embrace this life’s soul’s purpose.

When you do ask the Universe for something, be precise in what you want, then be able to let it go from your thoughts, be patient through the process and keep an eye out, the Universe is not always obvious and you’d hate to miss it! Trust, appreciate and pop a reminder or two in there, these are my key tips for successfully enjoying the benefits of the law of attraction.

I don’t believe in coincidences, repetition or synchronicity, I feel this is the Spirit World connecting with you. They will communicate with you however they can, through numbers songs, smells, words, feathers, coins, dreams and orbs. These signs are a reminder you are not alone and they are watching over you. Trust in something greater than your thoughts, ask, believe and be open to receive.

Sharon Schmidt—Intuitive consultant, Psychic/Medium, facilitator, coach and mentor. She is a hugging, wellness practitioner, a voice for Spirit and she speaks from the heart. She is the director of the esoteric business Intuitive Souls, offering one-on-one, group, private, corporate and public sessions, workshops and retreats. 

Sharon incorporates her lived experience into her work and combines it with her journey of ever learning creating safe, fun, practical and uplifting events. She has an open-mind, is friendly, reliable, and a very good listener. She takes responsibility for creating her own life and walks with you sharing the tools, guidance and love to allow others to do the same. 

Sharon is a certified and licensed HYL® Workshop Leader and Teens Facilitator as well as a HYL® Coach, authorized by Hay House, Inc., and approved by Louise Hay and is an accredited meditation teacher and holistic counsellor (Cert.Med.Hol.Couns). She is a member of International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and the International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association (IMTTA). 

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