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Mediumship Online Event - An evening with Spirit - $47.00

Online Event - Friday, September 25, 2020 at 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Join this interactive, online, Mediumship event where you enjoy demonstrations of Mediumship and a Q&A.

Our evening will start with a group guided cleansing meditation. Sharon will then give the audience messages from Spirit using oracle cards and direct connection. She aim's to give every participant a message.

The last 25 minutes will be an opportunity for Q&A before saying good bye with a lovely guided closing meditation.

Sharon says she is a Spiritual Bluetooth speaker, tuning into the spiritual vibration, then connecting to share messages from the Spirit World - bringing loved ones here on the earth-plane together with those on the other side, 'I never know who is waiting to say hi!'

She brings her uniqueness to stage, where she loves empowering others through intuition, empathy, kindness, hugs and fun

Join us, experience Sharon as she channels messages of encouragement, forgiveness, and you may even get a nudge in the right direction.....

What you can expect:
• Messages in a intimate group which include; sharing from
loved ones in spirit world, through oracle cards and direct
connection beyond the veil.
• Sharon aims is to give everyone a message via zoom however,
if at the event this is not the case, she will provide group
messages so everyone feels connected.
• An entertaining, light-hearted, online and interactive evening
gives participants the opportunity to spend two hours
connecting to the fascinating World of Spirit and with the
chance to ask some questions before closing with a beautiful
guided meditation.
• This event is designed to be personable, friendly, and warm
filled with loving, caring messages from Spirit and loved ones
on the other side.

Secure your space today, there are limited spaces!

All you’ll need is an open mind and drink bottle.

Secure your space today!

••This event will have photos taken and may be filmed by a Sharon or a representative for promotional purposes.
PRE-SALE TICKETS ONLY •• Refunds will not be issued for nonattendance ••
•• Tickets are not required - this is a zoom password event
•• Tickets must be purchased in advance to reserve a spot due to limited spaces
•• No tickets will be available on the night
•• Refunds will not be issued for nonattendance
•• Refunds will not be given for any reason and your tickets are not transferable to any other event
•• If you are unable to attend you may give your tickets to someone else to use but please contact Sharon on 0407076059 to have them checked in under the new name and to avoid confusion

To find out more about Sharon, visit her website;, visit her Facebook page; and follow her on Instagram Intuitive Souls


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