Awaken and Master your Medium Within

Are you ready to work with your inner Medium? We all have one!

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Are you ready to explore a deeper understanding of Mediumship?

Do you want to take your Psychic Mediumship development or business to the next level?

How about learning to understand your soul and self on a higher level where you can listen and understand you Inner Soul?

Learn about personal development using Spiritual and intuitive guidance

Are you ready to become more aware of energetic blockages and Spiritual opportunities through manifestation?

Are you committed to putting in the work to connect to the other side?

If you answered yes to one or more of these than this program is for you!

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Mediumship & Coaching Program

Awaken and feel your Medium power within!

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Module 1

The Mechanics of Mediumship

In this Module, we will navigate the program and look at your intentions of the course and what you want over the next 12 months. Much of this will be done through guided visualisation and meditation. This includes exploring your career as a medium, where do you want it to go? Career or Personal Growth to name a few.

We will do a deep dive in to Mediumship what it is, how it works, and the types of universal connection, including platform work.

We also spend time writing down all your fears about opening intuitively, letting go and the importance of setting yourself free of them.

We will cover protection and negative energy, who to care for your energy and how easy it is to give it away.

We will also be visiting Spiritual tools, look at what best aligns to you and how to use others.

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Module 2

Healthy Mediumship

In Module 2 we will be looking at the healing energies associated with Mediumship, the importance of a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing for Mediums.

Evidential work and how to get validation from the person you are working with.

We will explore grounding and the importance of it, simple ways to grounds and smudge your energy field and your space…..we will also be working with the ego, and self-doubt and how to manage ego.

You will meet you Spiritual Team and we will look at the many ways to work them.

We will cover off on the Clairs, Chakras, energy and vibrations.

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Module 3

Mediumship Mastery

In Module 3 we will be focused on your unique techniques to increase your vibrations, to gain clarity for yourself and others.

It's all about fine tuning what you have learnt, working with others and expanding your consciousness.

We will revisit your initial intentions, what it means to work as a professional medium, is this for you and do you need or need to grow your business.

We will be bringing it all together, building confidence and professionalism, boundaries and keeping your energy line of flow.

Pricing and much much more! 

Seven, LIVE Coaching Medium Sessions are included in this Program

Stones of Meaning


In addition to the LIVE training and coaching sessions you will have access to on-demand video lessons to three BONUS learnings.

  • Light Language—Learn how to channel and decode your unique Soul Language through powerful transformations.

  • Spiritual Shamanic Initiation Munay Ki certified—Healing for wounds of the past, karmic, and genetic programs including the beliefs you inherited through spirituality

  • An introduction to Past Life Psychic Mediumship Regression—understanding how to heal the past for clarity and everyday happiness.


When you feel your way through life, you will find a brighter path.                                 ~ Sharon, Intuitive Souls


What's in the Program?


Over 3-life-changing months, you will enjoy 6 x LIVE 90 – 120-minute training Sessions with Sharon.

Each LIVE session includes lecture, an exercise/practise session and time for question and answers (Q&A). These sessions will be recorded in case you miss one, given life happens.

You also receive a bonus seven Medium Coaching sessions. These sessions will have an informal structure and will be driven by the Q & A outcomes.

Sharon is available to you throughout all LIVE sessions, where there is an opportunity for Q&A, you also have use of the PRIVATE Facebook group.


Sharon provides an Intuitive Souls certificate of attendance after successful completion the 12-month Program, you will also get a certificate for the bonus training programs.


Because you must do some work at home too, you'll be given a series of activities aimed at assisting you with your practice between classes. They will include printable PDF’s, recorded  meditations, readings, and lectures to assist with your learning abilities.

Printable PDF worksheets are provided not only the structure of the Module, but to help provide substance to support the live lessons and replay session.


  • Light Language

  • Spiritual Shamanic Initiation Munay Ki certified

  • An introduction to Past Life Psychic Mediumship Regression



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Sharon Schmidt

Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Medium, Coach, Counsellor and Mentor

Sharon is your teacher and coach, she is also a voice for Spirit – speaking from her heart and soul.

She is the founding director of the esoteric business Intuitive Souls. She has been offering one-on-one, group, private, corporate and public sessions, workshops, retreats, face-to-face and online services for over 15 years. 

Sharon incorporates her lived experience into her work and combines it with her journey of ever learning creating safe, fun, practical and uplifting workshops and events. She is a very good listener, open-minded, friendly, and engaging.

Always taking responsibility for creating her own life and walks with you to create your individual map through the use of tools, guidance and support. 

Sharon is a certified and licensed HYL® Workshop Leader, Teens Facilitator and Coach, authorised by Hay House, Inc., and approved by Louise Hay and is an accredited meditation teacher and holistic counsellor, Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development (Cert.Med.Hol.Couns), Timeline Therapy, Positive Psychology, NLP Practitioner, Coach and Medium. She is a proud member of International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).



In the unlikely event you no longer want to be part of the program after the first 5 days, and no longer wish to continue on your Medium pathway, Sharon will refund your money in full. Her intention is to make your participation in this program one that is filled with flow and excitement, making it as effortless as possible and totally risk-free.

Collecting Money

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
– Albert Einstein




One-off payment before the program starts.


$125.00 x 12 monthly payments (Total $1500)


$625 (Total $1250.00)


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