Creating a life you love!

Are you a classic self-sabotager? Do you keep slipping back into old habits? Does life feel out of control, or out of balance? Are you worrying or stressing way too much? Has your self-esteem taken a battering? Are you feeling exhausted, frustrated or seeking a better balance with your career, financial abundance, health; body, mind and spirit? Or maybe, something is just missing?

Well, it’s time to take your life back! It’s your life, your choice—it’s too short to be anything other than limitless! 

We all have the answers within, Join us and discover your hidden treasures and magic with the. Our 6-week program is focused on you transformational path to a life you love! I have done it and so can you!

Heal Your Life®  Coaching is an action and solution oriented approach, incorporating life coaching and the philosophies of Louise L Hay. 'Our thoughts are creating our reality. If we change our thinking, we change our life’. I will not only share many of Louise’s philosophies, beliefs and habits, but I’ll share my personal journey, a journey influenced by her life’s work – it transformed my life forever!

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1 x one-on-one Coaching session with me valued at $285.00 (this offer is only available to new boot-camp members).


Each week is a new module, and you will receive a new handout relevant to the module for the week ahead. All handouts will be printable for you to collate and keep as a reference guide, allowing to return to your work over and over.


Our safe and private Facebook Community will be place to connect with your ‘Love your life Boot-camp’. It’s a powerful place to connect, chat, share and support each other, any time online.  It’s also where we are keeping all our boot-camp weekly video sessions, handouts and reference material, (unless you are participating via email and then is it sent to you).

Once you purchases your membership in ‘Love your life Boot-camp’ you get a FREE lifetime membership while ever the boot-camp operates. Yep you read right, we are not kicking you out and closing the doors, we are inviting you to stay and enjoy future ‘Love your life boot-camps’ over and over and over for FREE…….. now that’s VALUE!


6 x 1 hour intuitive group mentor sessions; during Bootcamp, you’ll see me LIVE every week the Facebook group to go through the weekly modules and answer your questions.


I will share with you and resources that I think you may find valuable, this includes videos, books, or podcasts – step into your power and become the best version of you!

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Over the course of this program you may go through changes resulting a personal transformation. I have had many of these in my lifetime, they are to be embraced not feared. Whether you are new to self-love or just starting out, you will feel changes in no time if you do the work, family friends, colleagues may also notice the change, they certainly did with me. 

This program is an investment in you, your life, and your success so I wanted to give you an overview of what we’ll be covering – I take your success seriously and personally. Therefore we need mindset shifts for change, and you can transform your life by embracing information and tools in these six modules;


What is Self-Love and why is it so Important?

Loving and accepting yourself just the way you are.

Tools for Self-Love


  • Why you need to change your thinking to change your life and gain some insight into those crazy stories in your head that lead to self-sabotage.

  • What you put out there with your thoughts, comes back to you.

  • Tools for positive mindset


  • The importance of loving and communication with our your inner-child

  • Healing childhood pain and trust through new choices and new thoughts

  • Tools for embracing your inner-child


  • Why we need to release the past to live in the present

  • The willing to forgive is key to forgiveness.

  • Tools for forgiveness


  • Surrendering to your Souls to release behaviours or thoughts no longer serving you

  • Trusting All is as it should be

  • Tools for surrendering


  • Why should you love all of you, including your negatives?

  • The importance of loving all your life, the good and the bad

  • Tools for loving me just as  I am

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Let’s do this!

Payment Options

Option 1: One-off payment of $467.00 (full amount)

Option 2: Two payments of $233.50 (511.00)

Option 3: Three payments $175.00 ($525.00)

Option 4: Individual payment plans, tailored to meet your needs. These will incur an admin cost, but the earlier you sign up, better plan we can provide.

Boot-camp spaces are limited as it only opens twice a year, so don’t miss out or you’ll have to JOIN our 2021 WAITLIST!

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Q. Can I pay installments?

Totally! You can have a few options, see pricing above. The earlier you sign up, the sooner you can start paying. Here are the plans again:

  • Option 1: One-off payment of $467.00 (full amount)

  • Option 2: Two payments of $233.50 (511.00)

  • Option 3: Three payments $175.00 ($525.00)

  • Option 4: Individual payment plans, tailored to meet your needs. These will incur an admin cost, but the earlier you sign up, better plan we can provide.

Q. How can I get the most out of “love your life Boot-camp’ experience?
Commit to doing the work as regularly as you can. Don’t just read the exercises: actually do them. You cannot think your way into change — you have to do the work.

Q. What happens if I fall behind in the Program?

We all experience life interruptions which take us on a different path, and that’s okay! You can pick-up where you stopped, or wait until a new membership begins and join in with that group. All of the Program content for each week remains in the Facebook while ever Facebook allows it to. Live Sessions are recorded and are always available as a replay in the Facebook group which is only ever available to members with a paid subscription. You can work at your own pace following the week-by-week modules to enhance your experience.

Q. What If  cannot attend a weekly LIVE session?

The Live Sessions are recorded and are available as a replay in the Facebook group and are available immediately after the session so you can watch at a date and time that suits you.

Q. What is your refund policy?
We reserve the right, but are not obligated, to refund fees paid to us. Cancellations made between 1-21 days before the start of boot-camp may receive a full refund or eligibility to transfer to another Intuitive Souls program that starts at a later date.

No cancellations are allowed 7 days prior to the start of boot-camp and refunds are unavailable once it has commenced.  If you have special circumstances, email to discuss.

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“I love the content in Sharon’s programs, they are powerful with practical solutions and have helped me shift my mindset. She always provides a safe space allowing me to identify my fears to realign my thoughts..” — Kerryn F

“Sharon is a real professional, she always makes you feel welcome. I have attended many of her workshops both online and face-to-face and they are always enjoyable, excellent leaving with lasting benefits. She is so authentic, very generous with her time and she walks her talk.” — Denise P

“If you are seeking more heartfelt approach to selfcare from a teacher who is caring and authentic, work with Sharon she comes from a place of love, truth and care, she allowed me to push myself more than I ever could have imagined my  personal journey has been scary, intimidating, fulfilling and challenging but with Sharon Supporting me, she encourages me to embrace my Super powers! — Suzanne G

“The feedback, encouragement and support Sharon provides is always a lot. If she is unable to answer immediately she will come back with a tried response. This is been the best money I have spent on me in a very long time, thank you Sharon for showing me how to believe in me!” — Steph W

“When my girlfriend wanted me to do a course with her, I wasn’t really sure if I needed this sort of training because I already had my own self-care routine, but what Sharon shares has been so much more valuable than my own routine that I cannot wait to take things to the next level, I had no problem showing up for myself.” — Olivia J

“My self-love is continually changing, I am on a journey of exploration and discovery – I’m more spontaneous and I’m much less bound and restricted by anxiety and discomfort. For the first time ever in my life I am filling my cup first and as Sharon says, the overflow is so much more for those who need it…I cannot wait to continue working with Sharon” — Mandy A

“WOW, this has been a journey! I have learned so much about me, my self-sabotaging ways, my fears and barriers, it was so comforting to know that I was never alone in the deep end. Now understand the important of self-care and inner-knowingness…connecting with myself has been the most amazing friendship I have ever had. ” —Joanne C

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